Letter to the Editor, 

Cyclone Pride… that elusively indescribable feeling racing through your core and bursting from your fingertips as you clap out, “C-Y-C-L-O-N-E-S! Fight, Cyclones, Fight!” to the sounds of the infamous Snyder Pride.

As we reflect on our Own “Glory Days”, on our alma mater, we are drawn back to a simple love… love of the orange and black, love of our tiny home. Too many times we find ourselves saying, “I want more – more for the CURRENT Cyclones – more for “my” alma mater.”

I could list my own reasons for diving into this project, but you will have your own drive. Each of us will have our own depth of devotion – that’s why this is an open invitation – to be involved to the level of your desire.

An Education Foundation is being formed; please, join us as we strive to build a better tomorrow for our Cyclone Family.

Sincerely hope you join me in “Investing in the Experience”,

A Proud Cyclone

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